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The Connection of Livestock Farming and Your Hand Washing in Pakistan

Livestock production is a vital source of food for nearly a billion people around the world. Milk is a huge product with 123 million dairy farms around the world producing it. In Pakistan, the livestock industry plays an important role in rural socio-economic growth. There are approximately 8 million families in rural areas, with a total population of 30–35 million people.

Pakistan has 47.8 million cattle and 40 million water buffaloes. Making it the world’s third-largest milk producer. Livestock processing activities employ approximately 8 million households. In total 30–35 million people in rural populations, and account for 35–40% of their annual income.

Animal health issues have become a serious bottleneck to milk production. Especially for the small-scale farming community. Due to inadequate disease diagnosis and monitoring. As well as a failure to understand disease epidemiology.

Importance of Personal Hygiene:

To reduce the chance of getting infectious germs into your shed. Personal hygiene is an ideal way. In the hygienic entry, good facilities for washing, drying, and sanitizing hands can provide absolute added benefits.

To keep your personal hygiene in check., a walk-through shower is the best way. Good facilities for hand washing, drying, and disinfection is an excellent substitute.

The Right Structure For Good Personal Hygiene:

It is also important to have the proper setup. To properly use the basic hygiene entrance. Make it as simple as possible. It will help you to make your personal hygiene better. If the sanitary entrance is more attractive and effective.

1.Specific ‘WALKING Path’:

Many people use a hygienic entrance as a specific walking path. A specific entrance path is like a gate that you can move from one place to the other. In this path, only one person can pass at a time. Multiple people can pass through it by making a line, to make this walking path more secure.

Many people use hygienic sprays in it. When the person walks through it, a shower of sanitizer will start. It will make sure all the bacteria will die before the person enter the specific area. You can know about the pathways with only short guidance. You can use the pathway in the following correct order.

  • first the dressing facilities,
  • then the shower or washbasin and the sanitization station, and
  • Lastly the changing facilities of the wardrobe with clean work clothes and footwear.

2.On the Way Back:

This must also be the case on the way back:

  • Immediately into the laundry room, where used work clothes can be left away,
  • then into the shower or bathroom, disinfection station, and
  • finally, into the dressing room, where you put your own clothes on again.

3.Soap and Sanitizer Facilities:

Stainless steel or plastic soap dispenser with manual dosing. Can be placed automatically next to your bathroom sink or wash trough. If you want to ensure that anyone entering the shed washes or disinfects their hands. An automated chemical dispenser with a turnstile is an option.

This turnstile – which is also used as an entry door. Can only open if the hands are placed in the dispenser’s cylinders. Also, the sensors have triggered the soap or antiseptic spraying.

4.Washing Your Hands Well:

If you do not have a shower. Then you need good hand-washing facilities. This must be done correctly every time. Make sure that hot water is available. So that these facilities can be cleaned properly, efficiently, and effectively.

5.Where To Dry Your Hands: With Air or Paper:

By using an automatic hand dryer, you can dry your hands most quickly and healthily. If this is out of your price range, you can dry your hands with paper. The paper dispensers come in two different types, Paper baskets, and tubs. Both are open and closed. Moreover, both are also available for storing used paper.

6.Washbasins With An Ergonomic Structure:

These washbasins are sensor-controlled. Also, they can work with the knee. Stainless steel is used for both the sink and the faucet. Due to the slim nature bacteria have little chance. Moreover, the sensor activity also decreases the risk of infection.

In addition to the regular model, there is a deluxe washbasin. This washbasin has a circular shape. The sensor-controlled version prevents legionella automatically. After the last use, you can utilize the device for 24 to 78 hours, because it is easy to rinse.

7.Try To Combine Hygiene Measures:

If you have limited space then use a hygienic entrance to wash your hands. You can also clean the soles of your footwear. The brush activates after you grip the handle of a single cleaner. To do a mix of sole washing and hand disinfection, you may use the DZW-HDT.

Final Thoughts!!

Bacteria can be found in the soil, water, livestock, and humans. Disinfection is used to reduce infection pressure. Because it is disease prevalence. You should use the best disinfectant, that gives appropriate results in each case. You will have successful prevention and a profitable farm, by just having the best disinfection method.

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