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January 31, 2020
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A Sneak Peak into Dupas ECO Range


Hygiene and sanitation are probably our greatest barriers against disease. In mankind’s long fight against disease, soap was perhaps the first tool you were introduced to. Liquid soaps are safer than soap bars because the hands cannot contaminate the product.

Keeping in mind our customers’ needs, Dupas introduces the all-new range of Dupas Eco liquid soaps that are aimed at cleansing the skin gently and removing all the dirt, as well as bacteria that accumulates on our skin throughout the day. Our formulas take into account all skin types. As the name suggests, these liquid soaps are not only easy on your skin but also your wallets. Our economy line currently includes two Moisturizing Liquid Soaps and one Antibacterial Liquid Soap, each of which comes in 400mle standard packs and 1700mle bulk/refill packs. The bulk/refill packs are the brand’s take on being eco-friendly by ensuring that fewer amounts of plastic are used. These packs can be poured into recyclable bottles as per your requirement.

Citrus Tropic – Antibacterial Liquid Soap

The Citrus Tropic Liquid Soap is an Antibacterial formula with protecting agents that shield your skin against germs and bacteria. It is gentle on the skin and cleanses without drying it out. The long-lasting tropical aroma is invigorating and refreshing, making the whole experience soothing for the user. You can now overwhelm your skin with a unique touch of tropical nature, sitting at home. The formula is balanced to a skin-friendly pH which makes it ideal for hands and all over body wash, except hair.

Berrymore – Moisturizing Liquid Soap

Berrymore is another product from this range that is infused with a blend of finest berries. The formula is balanced to a skin-friendly pH which not only makes it suitable for use on hands, but also the rest of your body. This soap will leave your skin feeling exceptionally aromatic and clean, and at the same time, it will help your skin retain its natural moisture. Enjoy the sensation of blasting berries on your skin with our Berrymore liquid soap formula of Dupas Eco. With a perfect blend of finest berries, the formula leaves your skin feeling exceptionally aromatic and fresh.

Floral Bouquet – Moisturizing Liquid Soap

The Floral Bouquet Liquid Soap aromatizes your skin with its blend of revitalizing flowery fragrances. The formula is gentle and effectively cleanses without drying out the skin, preventing the moisture loss of your skin. It is ideal for hands and all over body cleansing. Floral Bouquet is a unique combination of diverse flowery fragrances which effectively revitalizes your skin, giving you a refreshing aura. Its gentle moisturizing agents leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, with a lasting fragrance.

Caribbean Island – Antibacterial Liquid Soap

The fourth product in this line is the Caribbean Island Liquid Soap. Its formula uses active anti-bacterial agents that help fight against germs and other pathogens on the skin. It is ideal for the skin because it gently cleanses without drying out the skin, leaving your skin feeling clean and moisturized. Its beautiful fragrance reminds of the breeze on the ocean, transporting us to a Caribbean Island. Feel the breeze of ocean waves over your skin with the Caribbean Island liquid soap formula of Dupas Eco.


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