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Stay Radiant In Ramadan 2021 Beauty Tips For Healthy Skin During Fasting From Team DUPAS

To live life with joy, people must stay healthy. For good health, good food and exercise are necessary. If you eat junk food then your body does not work actively. You will feel tired all the time because your body parts do not get enough energy. Also, outer beauty depends upon your health.

If you are not healthy then your skin starts to become dry and rough. That’s why it is necessary to eat healthily. If you love junk food then there should be a proper schedule that includes the minimum amount of junk. So that you can stay healthy and enjoy junk food.

In Ramadan, people eat only two times in suhoor and iftar. If you are foody then you can eat multiple times during this period. But make sure you eat healthy food so that you can actively work during fast. But during this holy month, the skin of many people gets dry and rough which is not a good thing.

In this article, we tell you some tips that will help you to keep your skin healthy. If you follow all the tips with DUPAS products your skin will not get dry and you can go anywhere without using lots of beauty products.

Beauty Tips For Healthy Skin During Fasting

It may be difficult for you to keep your skin hydrating during fasting but it is not impossible. You just need some time from your busy day to follow these tips so that your skin does not get dry. Following are some important tips that you should follow during Ramadan have a look at them.

  1. Drink Lots Of Water

Water is a necessary element in the body. It is said that 70% of the human body contains water. You should at least drink 8 glasses of water in a day. But it can difficult to follow this rule in Ramadan. Because you are not allowed to eat or drink until iftari. But after iftari, you can drink and eat as much you want.

You have time till suhoor. Just make sure that you drink enough amount of water. It will help you to keep your body hydrating which is necessary. If you do not drink the appropriate amount of water then your body will start to dehydrate. This will make your body weak and you can not continue fasting.

If you think you can not drink enough plain water then you can add fruits to it. Try to avoid soda and juices because they can damage your stomach. You can add different fruits to the water to give it a flavor. It will boost your immune system and keep you hydrated. Following are some combinations that you can use to infuse with the water.

  1. Lemon, mint, cucumber
  2. Strawberries, orange, ginger
  3. Lime, blueberry, mint, raspberries
  4. Orange, lemon, lime
  5. Mint, pineapple, orange

Take a jar and add your favorite combination and water to it. Keep it in a cool place so that fruits can easily infuse in the water. You can try any combination that you like and can also create yours.

  1. Do Not Over Wash

During fasting, your skin can dehydrates due to a lack of water. In such a case, you should not wash your skin with water. Because it can damage your skin and make it rough. But if you want to make your skin cool you can use fix spray. You can keep these sprays in a cool place or the refrigerator.

So that when you use them you get the cool feels. The best, in this case, is the rose water. It has a refreshing fragrance and makes your skin soft. To clean your hands you should use DUPAS Berrymore liquid handwash. It will not make your skin dry even if you use it multiple times. Also, it will leave a refreshing fragrance on your hands.

  1. Skin Care

Due to dehydration skin becomes dry. Also, environmental factor affects your skin. You should use the best skin care products that keep your skin moist and hydrated. Use sunblock when you go outside. The layer of the sunblock will protect your face. To avoid dark circles, make sure to have a sleep of eight hours.

You can use thick creams and cucumbers to lighten your dark circles. When you go to sleep use these products so that they can work efficiently. Before applying any skincare product, clean that area first. To get your skin out from the impurities and to keep it moisturized, DUPAS Liquid Soap With The Moisturizers is the best option.

  1. Eat Healthy Food

Healthy food will keep your organs in work and make sure that your body does not start to dehydrate. In Ramadan, avoid junk and oily foods. Because it is not good for your skin. You can get pimples and oily skin if you eat oily food in iftari. Make sure to consume fruits and vegetable that has more amount of water.

So if you can not drink more water you can have the following fruits and vegetables.

  • Watermelons
  • Grapes
  • Cucumber
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach etc

You should also include some meat in your diet. So that your body gets protein and you can do anything actively.

  1. Moisturizing

It is important to keep your skin soft. Your skin automatically becomes soft and glowing when it is hydrating. This can be done when you use enough amount of water. You can also use a hydrating moisturizer to apply on your skin. It does not contain lots of oil that’s why you can use it anytime in the day.

Before you use a moisturizer, clean your hands with DUPAS liquid hand wash. It provides a wide range of products. All are made up of natural ingredients that will not damage your skin. Each product has an elegant fragrance you can select according to your taste.


To get glowing and healthy skin make sure to follow all the DUPAS tips regularly. These tips will work when you follow them on the regular basis. If you ignore them for a couple of days then your skin will become dry and you have to put extra time and effort to make it soft and moisturized.

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