Liquid Soap and Hand Wash in Pakistan
Liquid Soap and Hand Wash in Pakistan Are Expensive – Is That Even True?
March 22, 2021

How DUPAS Is Playing It’s Role Toward Hygienic Society in Pakistan

Hygiene is important to live a healthy life. In this busy life, the use of chemicals increases, and the environment has more pollution than before. These dirty particles enter the skin and make it dry and rough.

Not only do these dirt particles damage the skin but also they cause different diseases in the body. A person can have serious stomach issues due to dirt particles. Because when with dirty hands people eat food.

It directly goes into the body and germs start to destroy the internal body system. That’s why soaps and liquid hand washes are made. They contain anti-bacterial chemicals that efficiently kill germs.

World hygiene day is a global campaign that starts in 2009. It is celebrated on 5th May to aware of the importance of staying hygienic. The main purpose of this campaign is to teach people that they should wash their hands after doing every physical work.

In this campaign, DUPAS plays an important role by providing the best hand hygiene products to keep people healthy. They offer a wide range of liquid soaps and body washes that kill maximum germs.

In this article, we will tell you how a person can stay hygienic and when you can use DUPAS products. So without wasting your time we should start our discussion.

How To Stay Hygienic By Using DUPAS Products

DUPAS provides a wide range of products that includes cosmetics and hygiene products. Following are the ways that you should follow if you want to stay hygienic. Have a look at them if you want to stay safe.

  1. Frequently Wash Your Hands

Washing hand is the most important part of the daily routine. For a healthy life, wash your hands after every work especially before eating. Because with food germs can directly enter your body.

Hands are the most used body part because to do work you have to touch things. Due to this, your hands can get more germs as compared to other body parts.

That’s why it is important to wash them. But washing will work when you efficiently wash your hands. Following are the steps that you should follow while cleaning the hands.

  • Use clean water to wet your hands
  • Take some soap and gently rub it on your hands
  • Rub until the lather forms
  • Rub the lather for at least 20 secs all over the hands
  • Rinse again with clean water
  • Use a piece of cloth or towel to dry your hands

Some people just rub soap for 2 secs and then rinse their hands. This is not true. You should at least take 20 secs to wash your hands. Some products dry your hands when you use a large amount of soap.

Also, the skin can become red. To avoid this, DUPAS provides the best liquid soaps. No matter how much quantity to use DUPAS products will not make your hands dry.

This is a good contribution of DUPAS towards world hygiene day. With their products, you can easily wash your hands. They provide a wide range so that people can select products according to their choice.

  1. Bathe Daily

Taking bath is the best way to wash off all the germs. With bathe, you remove all your dead skin and also the germs. But regular baths make skin dry and rough. That’s why it is recommended to bathe only twice a week.

So that your skin remains hydrated and does not get rough. This is not a good solution for the people who work hard and have more sweat. They should bathe daily if they want to look fresh.

To solve their problem DUPAS provides a wide range of body washes. They are available in both family pack and single pack. With the regular use of DUPAS liquid body washes your body will not get dry.

But you must drink 8 glasses of water daily or more to stay hydrated. DUPAS uses organic elements to make their products to keep skin soft and glowing.

For regular bathing, you should definitely choose DUPAS Eco products. They are available at an affordable price range and you can kill maximum germs by getting fresh feelings.

  1. Clean Your Teeth

The only way to clean your teeth is by brushing. Make sure to brush twice a day. First in the morning then before sleep. But it is considered better to brush teeth after every meal.

Because it reduces the growth of germs in the mouth. Germs get into the mouth when you eat food and some particles remain there. With this germs grows and people get cavities.

But with brushing food particles get out of the teeth and you can save your mouth. Moreover, with brushing you can avoid a bad smell. When you communicate with people they feel the smell of mouth.

If you keep it clean then they will get a good smell and feel good to talk with you. Otherwise, they will think badly about it and do not want to talk with you. For a good fragrance, you can use floss. Use good floss once a day to feel fresh.

  1. Prevent Body Odour

Every person has a specific odor. If they are clean then the odor will be good but if the body is dirty then the odor will be bad. With ordinary soaps, people have to use perfumes and powder to smell good.

But with DUPAS products you do not have to use perfumes and powder. DUPAS products are made with organic elements that have a good fragrance. By using these liquid washes you can smell fresh all day.

What else you want from body washes? DUPAS tries to make products that fulfill all the requirements of a person with a suitable budget.

  1. Safely Handle Food

If you have a busy routine and can not manage to wash hands frequently then no problem. Just make sure that you wash hand before eating food. Because it is necessary and you can not ignore it.

If you do not wash your hands then you will put your life at risk. Always wash hands with soaps before making and eating food. There are many soaps and liquid washes available in the market but you should use DUPAS liquid washes.

Because they are available at a low price and you get all that you want from a single product. There is a wide range of variety you can choose what you want.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

That’s how DUPAS plays an important role in world hygiene day. With their wide range of organic products, people can stay clean without having dry skin. Also, a low price range allows everyone to use the DUPAS product. If you do not have DUPAS liquid washes yet then go get one now.


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