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Here’s How DUPAS is Revolutionizing The Hand Wash and Liquid Soap Industry In Pakistan

Toiletries Products and Skincare Solutions in Pakistan, Toiletries Products in Pakistan

Toiletries Products and Skincare Solutions in Pakistan, Toiletries Products in PakistanRoxim Lomac (Pvt.) Ltd, a U.K. based company, specializing in cosmetic and toiletry products is a joint venture consisting of dexterous and experienced cosmetic formulators and marketing experts. The company focuses on strategic planning and manufacturing of a diversified range of cosmetic and toiletry products under the respective brand name as compatible with European Standards.

DUPAS is a registered trademark of Roxim Lomac Ltd. (UK), with its operations based in Pakistan. The FMCG brand was established in 2003 and has been specializing in toiletries products and skincare solutions in Pakistan. Abiding by all relevant regulations and meeting international safety standards is something we, at DUPAS, hold significant.

The production process is environment-friendly and our waste management policies are highly competent and effective. Hygiene consciousness is profoundly instilled in every internal stakeholder of the organization, whilst our products also reflect the effort put into cleanliness and sanitation.

DUPAs is doing a lot more than just the production of hygiene products, it is revolutionizing the hand wash and liquid soap industry in Pakistan. But before we actually get to that, we need to know how liquid soaps actually came to be, how hand wash came to be, so for that we need to travel to the past. Only through revisiting our past, we can embrace and nurture the future!


The Beginning Of Liquid Soap

The first liquid soap was patented in 1865, by William Shepphard. He’s often credited for inventing it, but considering his patent was officially listed as “Improved Liquid Soap,” it seems clear there was liquid soap around already.

In his patent, Shepphard announced he’d discovered that adding “small quantities of common soap to a large quantity of spirits of ammonia or hartshorn” produced a thickened liquid comparable in consistency to molasses.

Majority of the liquid soap that got through Shepphard’s patent was then used for industrial purposes. After the mass usage in industrial areas, it was then used in hospitals and public areas.


When Did Liquid Soap Started Becoming Famous

Despite its popularity throughout the early to middle 1900’s, it wasn’t until 1980 that liquid soap became mass-produced for domestic use. The Minnetonka Corporation of Minnesota released Softsoap in 1980, and their product benefited greatly from being first.

It took some doing, though, for Minnetonka to get the jump on its larger competitors. Colgate, makers of Irish Spring, and Proctor & Gamble, makers of Ivory, were both positioned to release a liquid soap and take advantage of the wide-open market opportunity.

The key to success was the dispenser. Without a suitable pump – and suitable pumps were made by only a few factories in the United States – any liquid soap efforts would fail, regardless of how big the company was.

Minnetonka’s strategy for beating its competitors was to buy up all the plastic pump dispensers in the country. Their strategy worked. Minnetonka enjoyed a virtual monopoly on liquid soap until they were bought by Colgate-Palmolive in 1987. Minnetonka’s strategy is still mentioned in business publications as a model of smart, calculated risk taking. For its part, Colgate-Palmolive has continued to produce Softsoap since it purchased Minnetonka.


How Is The Industry Being Revolutionized in Pakistan

The Soap market in Pakistan has increased so much in size and scope since its advent. DUPAS has not only nurtured the industry but also made it grow and evolve, the industry now stands on #5 among the top performing industries of the world. There are production facilities all over the country that oversee the phenomenal production of various hand wash and liquid soaps.

Washing hands has been a very hot topic since last year, when the coronavirus pandemic started, all the health industries have urged the public to take care of their hygiene and keep on washing their hands from time to time.

DUPAS is not only producing best liquid soap collection in Pakistan , they are also promoting the use of it. Distributing it to the public, making sure that the majority of people use it. The company is practically engaged in so many marketing campaigns that it is tough to keep a count now.

If there is anyone to credit for the transformation of the liquid soap industry in Pakistan then it is definitely DUPAS!

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