Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

1Why should we choose Dupas?
• Active In-house Research and Development • Intensive focus on Improvement and Innovation • High Quality - ISO 9001 - 2015 certified and effective quality assurance • Affordable Ranges - Market competitive prices • Flexible Orders - Timings, Quantity, Pricing etc. • Capital-Intensive Production Process • Presentable Products - Aesthetically pleasing designs and unique scents • Environment-friendly production and waste management processes
2What is your Brand’s Unique Selling Point?
We strive to manufacture the finest quality products, competitive with imported brands and international standards, yet sell them at prices our consumers can easily pay for. In short, we produce ‘Luxury you can Afford’.
3Where can I find Dupas products?
Dupas product ranges can be found in various retail outlets and Local Modern Trade (LMT) channels across major cities of Pakistan. However, there may be some exceptions.
4Why do I need to use anti-bacterial products?
Anti-bacterial soaps are proven to give you enhanced germ protection which is necessary to stay protected from infections and other illnesses.
5What does soap-free mean? Is your formula soap-free?
Soap is produced by combining alkaline with oils and/or fats. These contain acids that react aggressively with your skin, stripping it off of its natural oils. Thus, soap-free formula is made of synthetic cleansers rather than soap. Yes, our formula is completely soap-free.
6Are your prices market competitive?
The price ranges that we offer for our products are highly competitive, given the market we operate in. Our product prices are a lot cheaper and highly affordable compared to almost all imported and multinational FMCG brands offering similar product ranges. We also compete efficiently with other local traders existing in the market.
7Does the company offer private labelling on products?
Yes, we have invested in the business of toll manufacturing as well. We offer private labeling on products. For detailed information on the process, you can contact us through the contact form provided on our website.
8Can products be purchased directly from the company?
As of right now, the company doesn’t offer E-commerce on our official sites and hasn’t established a direct medium for selling their products. However, commercial customers can contact us through the contact form provided on our website.

Product related FAQs

1What is the difference between liquid soap and hand wash?
Liquid soap is a moisturizer that can be used for all-over body cleansing, except hair. It has multi-purposes including bathing, face wash, hand wash etc. Hand wash, on the contrary, is specific for use on hands only.
2Are there any side effects of any of the products?
Dupas has been manufacturing and selling products for almost two decades and the entity has never faced any complaint of an adverse side effect as a result of using our products.
3In what Fragrances are these products available?
We have carefully selected 3 different kinds of fragrance notes, imported from across the globe, around which our products are generally based. These aromas included Floral/Powdery, Fresh/Citrus, and Aquatic/Ozonic.
4Are your products skin-friendly?
All of our products are clinically tested. Several trials are also conducted prior to our products being made available to consumers. Our products are balanced to a skin-friendly pH level for general skin types. However, usage results may vary from one skin type to another.
5In what sizes are the products available?
Shelf products’ details and sizes are available in ‘Products’ category on this website. We also deal with commercial packaging of products according to the client’s demand. We are, currently offering a standard packaging of 5, 10, and 20 liters. However, the customized orders and prices are subject to a minimum order quantity.