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Liquid Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Hand Washin

Liquid Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Hand Washin

Washing hands is necessary to stay from the germs. Hands are the most used body part after the brain. To do anything you have to use your hands and touch everything. The atmosphere and harmful chemicals contain lots of germs. By touching things germs gets attach with your hand.

When you touch your face with your hand’s germs get transferred to your face. Moreover, when you eat with your hands the bacteria goes into your body and starts infecting your body. This can make you ill. That’s why it is better to wash your hands before you eat something.

To kill the bacteria you can use soap and hand sanitizer. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. But by using both the products for cleaning hands are good. Because they do not contain harmful chemicals that can irritate or infect your skin. But scientists recommend that liquid soap is better than sanitizer.

In this article, we will discuss which is better for you. We are sure that after reading the article you can conclude easily which one you should use. So let’s start the discussion.

Why Liquid Soap Is Better?

Using soap is the oldest tradition and it contains better chemicals that can kill 99.9% of germs. You cannot ignore this fact. Scientists say that when you use soap and water there are more chances to kill the bacteria. It is also the best way to stay from the dirt.

But this is not a convenient method. Because you do not have a water facility everywhere you go. In such a case hand sanitizer works. You can clean your hands easily as it does not require water. You just have to take some amount of it and rub it on to your gently.

Sanitizers come in a small bottle that you can everywhere with you. But experts say that sanitizer does not contain more powerful chemicals. There are some bacterias that sanitizer can not kill. Also if your hands get dirty you can clean them with sanitizer.

Following are the cases in which you should prefer liquid soap to wash your hands instead of a sanitizer

  • Before and after cooking or eating the food
  • Before and after using the washroom
  • After sneezing and coughing
  • After throwing the garbage and touch the pet animals and their food.
  • Before and after treating and wound and taking care of the sick

These are some daily bases case. In other conditions where a water facility is available, you should use liquid soap. You should use DUPAS liquid hand washes to clean your hands. There are many DUPAS liquid handwashes like ECO BERRYMORE, PARADISE, ECO CITRUS TROPIC, etc.

All are available at an affordable price range. These DUPAS products are made up of natural products that will not irritate your skin even if you use the maximum amount.

When To Use A Hand Sanitizer

As hand sanitizer comes in the bottle you can carry it easily. Different size bottles are available in the market. Mostly in hospitals, large size sanitizer bottles are used. You can have a small size hand sanitizer bottle that you can keep in your bag during traveling.

To stay bacteria-free during traveling a sanitizer is necessary. Because there are fewer water facilities. It will be difficult for you to find the water to clean hands with liquid soap. For best results make sure to have a good quality sanitizer that contains 60% of the alcohol amount.

Alcholol is the best chemical to kill germs and bacteria. In the old-time when soap is not discovered. Doctors use alcohol to sanitize their operation tools. So if your hand sanitizer has more alcohol amount in it it will work well. But it can be harmful to you if you do not use it properly.

Having a high amount of alcohol on your hands can affect your health. Because when you eat food some amount of alcohol will also enter your body and this is not a good thing. Also, do not go near to the fir replace after using a sanitizer. Because there is a chance that fire catches the alcohol and can burn you.

You should only use it when it is necessary or you do not have water. Always use the appropriate amount. Do not use too much sanitizer that affects your health and also does not use less amount that can not kill bacteria. In case of more dirt, you can use DUPAS liquid hand washes. They will kill the maximum number of germs and provide freshness.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

Both liquid soap and hand sanitizer works well to kill bacteria. It is just the situation that decides when you should the one. When you are at home you should always use liquid soap. So that you can kill maximum germs. But more use of soap can irritate your skin.

To wash hands only use a minimum amount and rub on your hands gently until the foam creates. Make sure to cover all the areas of hands. When foam creates wash your hands with clean water. If you use the maximum amount of liquid soap then your skin will become dry and rough.

In this case, DUPAS liquid hand wash work best. They contain natural elements that keep skin hydrating and healthy. Only use sanitizer when you do not get water to wash your hands. Also, it will not make your skin dry but its excessive use is also harmful to you. Use only the appropriate amount of both the anti-bacterial solutions when required.

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