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March 19, 2020
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April 23, 2020

Unveiling the Grandeur of Dupas Premium Range

Here at Dupas, we understand that body cleanliness and hygiene is incredibly important, which is why we have created liquid soaps that are effective for everyday use. From washing your hands to your face, to even taking a shower, we have it all covered in just one product. At the same time, we want our liquid soaps to make you feel pampered with their beautiful fragrances and gentle texture. So you see it’s a win-win.

The use of the latest state of the art technology has enabled us to create a Premium line that is skin-friendly and can without a doubt be used all over the body, except hair. This line includes Paradise, Hawaii Lemon, and Spring Flower Liquid Soap. These premium liquid soaps leave the body feeling moisturized and refreshed throughout the day, thanks to their gentle, hydrating formulas and exquisite aromas. The formula used is specifically designed to rejuvenate your skin with every use, giving new meaning to skin moisturization. The rich, hydrating agents in the formula make sure that the skin does not lose its moisture and is left feeling fresh. This is why you can use it all over the body without hesitating or thinking twice. Alongside the premium quality, we have also designed our products with high precision and grace that is appealing to the premium buyers. The vibrant artworks and colors used are undoubtedly unique and engaging in their own way. Our premium soaps are truly one of a kind!

These Premium Liquid Soaps are available in three different variants; Hawain Lemon, Spring Flowers, and Paradise. The bottles can easily be identified with their clear liquid texture and distinctive transparent bottles in a standard filling of 300ml each.

Hawain Lemon Liquid Soap

The Hawain Lemon Liquid Soap is a blend of gentle cleansers and active moisturizers. The formula cleans out the skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth, while the beautiful Hawaiian fragrance will leave you feeling refreshed. A unique combination of gentle and effective cleansing with active moisturizing & care. Its advanced formula with moisturizer is ideal for hands and all over body cleansing without drying out the skin. DUPAS Liquid Soap leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft and its exquisite aroma of Hawain Lemon provides a refreshing experience.

Spring Flowers Liquid Soap

The Spring Flowers Liquid Soap has a beautiful uplifting aroma. The formula uses active hydrating agents which prevent the loss of moisture from the skin and improves its overall elasticity. Premium Liquid Soap leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and refreshed. It is effective cleansing, active moisturizing and optimum preservation. Its advanced formula with moisturizer is ideal for hands and all over body cleansing without drying out the skin. Rich hydrating ingredients help to protect against moisture loss of your skin and tangibly improve its elasticity.

Paradise Liquid Soap

The third product in this range is the Paradise Liquid Soap. Its formula aims to clean out the skin gently leaving it feeling soft and smooth without drying it out. It refreshes the skin with its lasting paradise-like aroma. Formulated with a perfect balance of gentle cleansing and rich hydrating agents which help in preserving the moisture of your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Its advanced formula is suitable for hands and all over body cleansing, without drying out the skin. The Refreshing properties will make your skin feel like paradise with a lasting aroma.

Be the first to use the flagship product range of Dupas to know all about it that we haven’t told you yet. Take our word, you won’t be disappointed. Cheers!.


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